The Kaltura Web Video Player supports localization for most languages by specifying the language-corresponding locale key.
See this article for a complete listing of supported locale keys.

Setting a locale key translates all UI labels, messages and tooltips to the required language.

Note: Not all locales are supported in all of the Player UI components. While the basic UI is fully supported, some plugins may not have all local translations available.

Setting the Desired Player Locale

By default, all Players revert to English unless the locale is defined otherwise.

You can define the required locale using the Flashvar localizationCode. This can be set in the Player Studio UIVars section or on the page using embed Flashvars.

For example:

  • Setting the locale to German via Player Studio UIVars:
  • Setting the locale to German (“de”) via embed Flashvars:
'flashvars': { 

You can also have the Player set the locale automatically according to the locale provided by the web browser. This locale will be the same locale defined in the end user’s operating system.

To have the locale set automatically by setting localizationCode to auto, use one of the following options:

  • Browser-based automatic locale via Player Studio UIVars:
  • Browser-based automatic locale via embed Flashvars:
'flashvars': { 

Custom Localized Strings

You can add missing strings or change existing strings for any locale using the strings plugin. The strings plugin defines keys and values for all Player labels and tooltips.

Read this article for a complete list of available strings keys and default English values.

To override existing key values or define values for keys that are currently not available in your locale, configure the strings plugin either in the Player Studio under the Strings section or in your embed code Flashvars.

  • Custom localized strings via Player Studio Strings (each line is a UIVar key=value pair):

Note: When using the Strings section in the Player Studio, you only need to specify the language code for languages other than English.

  • Custom localized strings via embed Flashvars:
'flashvars': { 
            "mwe-embedplayer-play_clip": "Click to play", 
            "mwe-embedplayer-play_clip": "Reproducir clip",