Player Configuration

The player configuration is the main data object of the Mobile Video Player SDK.

This object is used for configuring custom players, including specific plugins, and obtaining the media that will be played on the device.

Note: To view additional information about the player configuration, see the Player Config API documentation.

Creating a PlayerConfig Instance


let config = PlayerConfig()


PlayerConfig *config = [PlayerConfig new];

Note: To initialize the player configuration, you’ll need a MediaEntry.

About the Media Entry

The MediaEntry can be created using one of the following methods:

  • Manually, by instatiating a new PKMediaEntry instance and filling the fields.
  • Using a MockMediaProvider to create a PKMediaEntry from a JSON input file or JsonObject.
  • Using a remote media provider, provided the MediaEntryProvider implementations:
    • For OVP environments, use KalturaOvpMediaProvider
    • For OTT environments, use PhoenixMediaProvider

Once you have a MediaEntry ready, you can build the player configuration and plugins, and continue to prepare the Kaltura Mobile Video Player for play.

Note: To view additional information about the Media Entry, see the Player Config API documentation.

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