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Kaltura’s Mobile Video SDK for iOS is a fully native application, which means that the SDK was developed specifically for iOS devices. This ensures that native application can interact with and take advantage of iOS operating system features and related software.

Kaltura’s Mobile Video SDK for iOS introduces significant performance improvements and is intended to be integrated into any iOS application.

Intended Audience

This guide assumes that you have the necessary Objective C or Swift and iOS development skills to build and compile advanced iOS applications using XCode.

Supported Devices


  • Tier A - Tested and supported
  • Tier B - Supported, not tested (we accept bug reports)
  • Tier C - Not supported
Support Tier iOS (OS version 9 and up)
A iPhone 5S/6S/7+
A iPad Air 2
A iPad 4
A iPad mini 4
A iPad Pro
B iPhone 5/5S/6/6+/7
B iPad mini 1/2
B iPad2

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