Background and Motivation

Kaltura’s Download to Go suite enables the end user to download on-demand content and store the content to a storage device so that he or she can watch the content when poor or no connectivity occurs. Following content download, the end user can watch downloaded media items offline, streamed locally from the end user’s device. This increased flexibility enables the end user to Watch content on-the-go without worrying about high data costs or lock of Internet connectivity.

Supported Devices

Download to Go’s offline mode works on all mobile and tablet devices supported by the Player SDK for the following operating systems:

  • iOS 9+

Supported Video Formats

Download to Go supports the following formats:

  • HLS

Enabling Download to Go

Download will only be available to users if the application has integrated the Download to Go (DTG) library. Download can be restricted by the application so that it is only available on certain assets and after purchase.

System Validation Prior to Download

Before download, the DTG library will verify that there is there enough quota space available for download of the requested item.

Downloading Content

When a media asset is downloaded, it is accompanied by additional parameters and metadata, including:

  • Download URL
  • Multiple audio files (see Captions and Audio Tracks)
  • Multiple subtitle files in available languages(see Captions and Audio Tracks)
  • Any one single bitrate, set by the application

Content Protection

Kaltura’s Download to Go library for iOS Supports AES encryption for content protection.

Captions and Audio Tracks

Captions and audio tracks can be downloaded along with the asset. When downloading multiple files on iOS, all languages will be downloaded automatically.

Background Downloading

Background downloading is supported on iOS devices.

Interruptions to Downloading

A number of issues may interrupt the download process:
* Problems with wireless connectivity
* Inadequate download space on the end user’s device
* The end user closed the application during download
* The end user switched between 3G and Wi-Fi settings during a download

Corresponding error messages will be provided for each case and download will be paused until the application actively resumes download.

Watching Downloaded Content

Content previously downloaded with DTG is viewable in offline mode (without Internet connectivity). DTG will provide the application with a URL with captions, DRM, and audio tracks (if applicable).
The availability duration can be set by the application.

Additional Information

For more information, check out this article: