Supported DRM Schemes

The following DRM schemes are supported in iOS devices:


  • Supported in iOS versions 8 and up
  • Offline playback is supported in iOS 10 and up
    • Our interim solution for iOS 8 and 9 is Widevine Classic – see below.

Widevine Classic

  • Supported in iOS 8 and up
  • Online and offline playback
Get Started with Widevine Classic

#### Get Started > Note: **Before you begin please make sure you have an access to our private [Widevine repo](**. If you don't, please contact Kaltura. To get integrated with Widevine Classic please follow below steps: 1 . Open you project's **Podfile** and add below reference on top: ```ruby source '' source '' ``` 2 . Add Widevine Classic Plugin on your Podfile: > Note: Please make sure to add WidevineClassic plugin as written below ```ruby pod 'PlayKit/WidevineClassic', :git => '', :tag => 'widevine/{latest_wvm_release}' ``` 3 . On your terminal run `pod update` #### Offline Widveine Playback To get Widevine Offline playback refer to [Offline Playback](./v3_iOS_Offline.html) #### Demo For full sample (Widevine Playback + Offline) refer to [Local Assets Sample](

Known Limitations

  • DRM does not work on the iOS Simulator
  • Widevine Classic:
    • Requires ATS to be disabled for
    • Requires Bitcode to be disabled (the core Widevine library does not support Bitcode)

Have Questions or Need Help?

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