The Cast functionality allows your videos to be cast from a Android mobile device, via the Chromecast plugin, directly to a Kaltura Player receiver application on a Chromecast-connected TV.

Begin Casting

To begin casting, you’ll need to follow these steps.

Mandatory Casting Configuration

Configure the following environments as follows:

TVPAPI Environment

  TVPAPICastBuilder tvpapiCastBuilder = new TVPAPICastBuilder()
  MediaInfo mediaInfo =;

OVP Envrionment

  OVPCastBuilder ovpCastBuilder = new OVPCastBuilder()
  MediaInfo mediaInfo =;

Optional Casting Configuration

The following configurations are optional for casting:

  // MediaMetadata
  MediaMetadata mediaMetadata = new MediaMetadata(MediaMetadata.MEDIA_TYPE_MOVIE);
  mediaMetadata.putString(MediaMetadata.KEY_TITLE, title);
  mediaMetadata.putString(MediaMetadata.KEY_SUBTITLE, subTitle);
  mediaMetadata.addImage(new WebImage(uri, width, height));

  // AdTagUrl

  // TextTrackStyle
  TextTrackStyle textTrackStyle = new TextTrackStyle();

Live vs. VOD

The following section shows the differences betwen the Live and VOD casting:

- CastAdParser
- pass adTagUrl


  • Cast developer guide
  • Cast guidelines

Have Questions or Need Help?

Check out the Kaltura Player SDK Forum page for different ways of getting in touch.