This article describes how to use the iOS Player SDK basic embedding.

Importing the KPViewController into the Main Project

To import the KPViewController, use the following command:

#import <KALTURAPlayerSDK/KPViewController.h>

Creating a KPViewController Instance

To create a KPViewController instance, use the following command:

@property (retain, nonatomic) KPViewController *player;

Initializing the PlayerViewController for Fullscreen

To initialize the a PlayerViewController for fullscreen, use the following command:

- (KPViewController *)player {
    if (!_player) {
        // Account Params
        KPPlayerConfig *config = [[KPPlayerConfig alloc] initWithServer:@""
        // Video Entry
        config.entryId =  @"1_o426d3i4";
        // Setting this property will cache the html pages in the limit size
        config.cacheSize = 0.8;
        _player = [[KPViewController alloc] initWithConfiguration:config];
    return _player;

- (void)viewDidAppear:(BOOL)animated {
    [super viewDidAppear:animated];
    [self presentViewController:self.player animated:YES completion:nil];


Initializing the PlayerViewController for Inline

To initialize the PlayerViewController for inline, see the steps in the Inline Player article.