This article describes how to set up the Google Cast feature in iOS devices.


The Cast functionality allows your videos to be cast from a iOS mobile device, via the Chromecast plugin, directly to a Kaltura Player Receiver App on a Chromecast-connected TV.

Before You Begin

Before you begin setting up the Cast feature, make sure you’ve read the article iOS Player SDK and Environment Setup - Getting Started.

Basic Definitions

  • Sender - A Cast enabled Kaltura Player running inside of a iOS Application; the Kaltura Player requires a Sender App ID.
  • Receiver - A Kaltura Player Receiver App that runs on the Chromecast device.

Google Cast Setup

To enable casting to Chromecast with the Kaltura Player iOS SDK, you will first need to import the Google Cast Framework and its dependent frameworks.


The supported version for Google Cast iOS SDK is version 2.10.4.

Getting Started

To begin casting, follow these steps:

  1. Create the KPPlayerConfig *configas follows:
    KPPlayerConfig *config = [[KPPlayerConfig alloc] initWithServer:@"{your-server-id}" uiConfID:@"{your-ui-conf-id}" partnerId:@"{your-pqrtner-id}"]; config.entryId = @"1_o426d3i4";
  2. Next, add the following to your config instance:
    [config addConfigKey:@"chromecast.plugin" withValue:@"true"]; [config addConfigKey:@"chromecast.useKalturaPlayer" withValue:@"true"]; [config

  3. To begin casting, create a KCastProvider object and set its delegate. The delegate must adhere to the KCastProviderDelegate protocol and implement its delegate methods.
@property (nonatomic, strong) KCastProvider *castProvider;
- (void)viewDidLoad {
    [super viewDidLoad];
    _castProvider = [[KCastProvider alloc] init];
    _castProvider.delegate = self;
    [_castProvider startScan:@"{Application-id}"];

Scanning for Devices

  1. When your KCastProvider is set up, scan for devices by calling the startScan method:

     [_castProvider startScan:@"{Application-id}"];
  2. When devices become available, the KCastProviderDelegate methods will be called:

     - (void)castProvider:(KCastProvider *)provider devicesInRange:(BOOL)foundDevices {
     // Enable or Disable Chromecast button 
     - (void)castProvider:(KCastProvider *)provider didDeviceComeOnline:(KCastDevice *)device {   
     - (void)castProvider:(KCastProvider *)provider didDeviceGoOffline:(KCastDevice *)device {
     ``` This provides a list of `KCastDevice`: 


Connecting to Devices

  1. When a device is selected, connect to the device by calling:

     [_castProvider connectToDevice:device];
  2. When a connection is established, the KCastProviderDelegate will call the following method:

     - (void)didConnectToDevice:(KCastProvider *)provider {

Casting Media

To cast, set the castProvider property under KPViewController with KCastProvider as the object you created:

_player.castProvider = _castProvider;

Disconnecting from a Device

To disconnect from a device, use one of the following methods:

- (void)disconnect {
// Session won't be remove
    [_castProvider disconnectFromDevice];


- (void)disconnect {
// Session is removed
    [_castProvider disconnectFromDeviceWithLeave];

Media Remote Control

The KCastProvider includes a KCastMediaRemoteControl instance that controls the playback of the video being cast. The KCastMediaRemoteControlDelegate will provide you with playback callbacks while casting.

For example:
// To play the media
[_castProvider.mediaRemoteControl play];

// Delegate method, called when player is ready to play
- (void)readyToPlay:(NSTimeInterval)streamDuration;

Demo Application

A best practice sample application, which demonstrates the code that is required for a proper casting experience, can be found in this demo.

This repository contains several basic best practice applications that use the Kaltura iOS Player SDK.