This article describes the steps required to use Google ads in iOS devices.

Linking Google to the iOS Device

To enable Google Ads in iOS devices for the Kaltura Player, you will need to link Google to the iOS devices. To
When linking Google in iOS devices for the Kaltura Player, there are a number of different options, which are described below.

Using Cocoapods

To link Google ads using Cocoapods, add these two pods to your podfile:

pod 'GoogleAds-IMA-iOS-SDK’ , '~> 3.2.1’

For AdMob, ignore the line above and use the following line instead:

pod 'GoogleAds-IMA-iOS-SDK-For-AdMob’ , '~> 3.2.1’

Linking to GoogleInteractiveMediaAds SDK

To link to Google ads using the GoogleInteractiveMediaAds SDK:
1. Download GoogleMobileAds from: Admob and add it to your project
2. In addition to the GoogleMobileAds you will need to download GoogleInteractiveMediaAds from: IMA SDK.
- If you are going to use Admob in addition to the IMA SDK, add GoogleInteractiveMediaAds-GoogleIMA3ForAdMob to your project.
- If you are going to use only IMA SDK, add GoogleInteractiveMediaAds-GoogleIMA3 to your project.
3. The following are the required frameworks for GoogleMobileAds:
- StoreKit.framework
- EventKit.framework
- EventKitUI.framework
- CoreTelephony.framework
- MessageUI.framework

Configuring the Player to use Google Ads

To configure the Player to use Google ads, add the following configuration to your KPPlayerConfig:

[config addConfigKey:@"doubleClick.plugin" withValue:@"true"];
[config addConfigKey:@"doubleClick.adTagUrl" withValue:@"your ad tag URL"];

Listening to Ad Events

To listen to ad events, use the following Ads event test page.

To view list of commonly used Player ad events, click here.

[self.player addKPlayerEventListener:@"adClick"
                             handler:^(NSString *eventName, NSString *params) {
            						// Do your stuff here..

For the complete IMAWebOpenerDelegate SDK, click here