2U Case Study

What Was Built?

A personalized distance learning platform providing full degrees from leading accredited universities, merging synchronized Live and VOD experiences for one-on-one and collaborative group learning.

Why Kaltura?

  • Startup Economics
    Enable 2U to shape and enhance their learning capabilities, while being disruptive and fast to market
  • Platform Flexibility
    APIs and SDKs that can be distributed via OEM 
  • Time to Market & Budget
    2U needed to prove a new business model under stringent timelines


  • 2U provides customized accredited distance learning programs for leading universities.
  • NASDAQ:TWOU (IPO:2014), Market Cap: $1.97B
“We decided to go with Kaltura for multiple reasons, one of them was innovation - creating disruptive new video services in education. We felt that for every question we had, Kaltura had an answer.

By leveraging the platform APIs, 2U melded Kaltura functionalities into a new disruptive online learning platform based on video.”
  •   Synchronized Live & VOD
  •  3rd Party Product Integrations
  •  OEM usage of Kaltura APIs and SDKs